Abou us

Why Muzoku? We are often asked. Our first Alaskan Malamute was Kouga, or Kouga-Mu as he became known very quickly dueMuzoku Kennel UK to his beautiful singing voice. During his first few nights at his new home he would sing us to sleep with a resounding Muuuuuu! A sound that captured our hearts and brings smiles to our faces every day. As such we decided very quickly that this was going to be part of our Affix-or Kennel name. After days and nights of research Mu, meaning Dream / Vision and Zoku –Tribe/ Clan/ Family were drawn together to form Muzoku our “Dream Tribe”.

We have always owned dogs, previous breeds being Border Collies Labradors and a Rottweiler but with a family and other hobbies never shown dogs before. With the addition of Kouga to our family we were encouraged to give it a try by friends and family alike so I (Tate) decided to give it a go. Unfortunately I was taken ill soon after our show career had began and Ed took over showing Mu. I spent my days doing more research for a partner for Mu. After a long wait we had the news we had waited for from Libertia Kennels in Ireland who expanded our dream tribe with the addition of Tallulah.

First and foremost our dogs are a much loved part of our family. Showing our dogs is another way for them to have fun, and us to share our passion of this beautiful breed with others. We will endeavour to answer any questions you may have on the breed and give honest advice. We do not know everything, as we are still learning new things every day but that just adds to our joy while we continue on our journey. We hope you enjoy sharing this journey with usSig